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  • 1 type of tungsten all applications

    Well after research online, welding tips and tricks dude said that 2% thoriated and lanthinated will work for ac, and dc applications. the lanthinated holds the tip a little longer, but does not break as easy as the lanthinated.

    can i get away with buying just one tungsten?

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    What machine are you using?
    Inverter or transformer tig?
    It is my understanding that the Ceriated tungsten will work on ac or dc current.
    All I use is 2% thoriated (red), but I dont tig with ac. Just dc- with a transformer power source.
    Pure tungsten is what I'd use for ac tig with a transformer power source.
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      I use 2% lanthanated witn my Dynasty (inverter) and used ceriated with my Syncrowave 250. Not sure what works best with a sine wave machine.
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        2% Lanthanated works for everything and works well. Thoriated makes little finger projections on AC and pure just balls up easily. Lanthanated makes a tiny ball on a sharp tip.


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          I like 2% Thoriated for everything. Pure didn't last very long for AC. 2% Thoriated seems to handle a little contamination without having to re-grind as often.
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            Has anyone ever tried the e3 tungstens?
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