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  • Weld Spatter Spray

    I hooked up my 211 yesterday for the first time and began running beads for practice. Most came out pretty good. I did notice a little fine spatter on a few of them; nothing horrible.

    I quickly figured out I needed welding pliers because my little ****s were not working out. While shopping online for some I noticed Welding Spatter Spray. Not just spray but also dip. Then I read about using Pam cooking spray.

    Please educate me on if I need to use it, when I need to use it, which type I should use, and how much to use. Is it only applied to the gun tip?

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    Hi Frank,

    I actually just did this last night for the first time - and was responsible for a recent 'anyone used PAM' recently thread too.

    I used a product from Airc(something) - it's anti-splatter spray - a little pump bottle of liquid. It actually was pretty nice in result - using flux core - I was getting a ton of splatter with my MM211. As a new hobbyist - last thing I need is splatter all over in addition to 'novice beads' - although - I'm pretty happy with what I've been laying down recently with my stick and new mig. I spray the metal joint and surrounding area and also was periodically spraying the nozzle probably every third bead (about 6" or so each). Running .030 flux on 110V btw - actually 1/4" metal - settings set manually to 3/16" metal - but I'm just getting to know my machine, some hood time and experimenting with drag vs. push techniques, positions etc. (so all - rest assured I know the settings aren't optimal for the thickness just working on some scrap!)

    I plan on using PAM next - this anti splatter product was about $12 or $13 bucks - PAM is what - about $3-5 in a grocery store.

    Hope this helps.
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      I use splatter spray mainly on objects I can't have any splatter. If I'm welding close to a machined surface I'll spray it & cover it as best I can. Very rarely do I use it on the nozzle anymore but used to when I would run bigger wires at my old job. I've never used pam so can't comment on that. Personally I don't like nozzle dip, don't know why just don't use it.

      I use this stuff.
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        Pam, cheap & works as good as the dip/spray anti-splatter. With correct voltage setting using C25 splatter should be almost non-existant.
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          I use WD40 in a hand sprayer from a gallon can. #1 it reduces splatter on my parts that have 1,000's of parts and 4,000-5,000 tacks so i can't be going back to clean each part. And #2 it keeps the parts from rusting overnight esp in the humid summertime. I have found nothing that works better or cheaper. Splatter spray rusts my parts esp the water based kind and the solvent based spray has way to many hazzards. I do wear a chemical respirator and weld in my dooorway with a fan blowing out so i don't notice any strange vapor. Now this i just my way that i have been doing it for the last 8 years yours may vary. Just thought i would share...Bob
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