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  • Helmet Sensitivity

    I hooked up my 211 yesterday for the first time and began running beads for practice. I noticed that I could not see the front of the weld puddle while pushing. I had to estimate where I needed to stop.

    I adjusted the sensitivity on my Digital Performance hood down from 15 (recommended setting ) to 13. It did not seem to make a difference.

    I should be able to see the puddle and the immediate steel nearby, right? Should I keep adjusting the sensitivity down until I see it? I don't want to damage my eyes.

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    Adjust shade not sensitivity.

    Use a shade 10 for GMAW. I've heard of folks who could get by with a 9 but I'm a bit fearful of that.

    Sensitivity determines when the auto-shade kicks in. I sensitivity is set too high the shae will stay dark just looking out the garage door. :-)

    I have the same problem. I couldn't see anything with my Hobart XVP so I bought a Digital Elite. Made a lot of difference. I also found that by not getting too close to the arc I could see better and I'm pretty sure a magnifier will help me as well.

    Also try running welder's chalk through the joint. That extra "white" can be helpful as well.
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      Yes, I agree, Adjust the shade till you can see the weld puddle clearly !
      I've been running shade 9 for the last few years.
      Prior to that I used shade 10 for many years .



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        Thanks guys, I probably meant Shade instead of Sensitivity; I don't have the helmet in front of me.

        It is good to know that the numbers are closer to 10 than 15.

        More practice is in order.


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          The eye doctor told me that if I continue to see the arc after I lift my hood it's not dark enough.