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  • Dynasty 200?

    I saw a couple posts refering to the Dynasty 200 Tig machine. I cannot seem to find any info on such a welder here on the Millermotorsports or the Millerwelds web sites. Does this machine exist?

    Where can info & pricing be found online?


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    If you go to the miller website, click on the search field on the left side of the site. You will be prompted to search the web site or pdf files. Choose pdf files and enter 'dynasty 200'. Your first hit, will be the brochure that I received in the mail for the dynasty 200. Page 3 shows volt/amp curves for differing input voltages/phases as well as duty-cycle curves. Hope that addresses your concerns!

    I copied this from the Hobart message board and I have already downloaded it and it should have all the info that you need. B&R Welding and Cyberweld both have them along with the pricing.


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      Thanks for the info. I was able to download the .pdf file.

      Now, for the next question.

      I see the machine can run on both single and 3 phase power input. I see by the chart that the machine can only achieve 150 amps output off a 110v power input. I also see that with 3 phase input it reaches the full 200 amp output.

      Can this machine reach the rated 200 amps output off a 220v single phase input? will the machine run off os 220v single phase? What is the max output off 220v input assuming it's compatable?

      Todd G


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        I believe it says that you can only get 110 amps off of 120 volt input on tig and 90 amps on stick. It will run off of 240 volt single phase and will put out 200 amps but it will draw a little more current than with three phase.


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          Here's how I read the chart for Tig (single phase portion)

          150 amp output @ 16V, 60" duty cycle, drawing 15.8 amps from 230v

          140 amp output @ 15.6V, 40% duty cycle, drawing 31 amps from 120v

          100 amp output @ 14V, 100% duty cycle, drawing 20.7 amps from 120v

          Hopefully Andy can drop in here and clear up this somewhat confusing/contradicting secification chart.


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            I see where you see that info. I too am confused about it because I am going off the amperage range column. If Andy cant answer maybe some of the Miller guys can answer it.


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              Hey guys,
              The Dynasty 200 will obtain 200A running on 230VAC single phase. The charts you are looking at are the duty cycle charts which do not list max amperage. The duty cycle at max amps would end up being less. Example- The Sync 250 is rated at 250 amps @ 40%. The max amperage is 310. At 310amps, the duty cycle is probably around 20%.

              I had no trouble welding 1/8 Alum on 120v primary and 1/4 inch on 230v.

              You just need to ask yourself, Is this a production welder? and if so, what amperage will I be running at most of the time. Industrial based machines are rated at 40% and 60%. You have to throw alot of tig rod down to reach those ratings. If this is for light fab or motorsports related work, the Dynasty 200 will easily do the job.



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                Hi all,

                New here (and trying welding again after a 30 yr. absence), but since I asked this question and got the answer on the Hobart board, I can answer it here .

                Get the PDF file as stated above then go to page 3, the Performance Data graphs should get you in the ballpark.

                Would be nice if Miller would update the website and post the Owners Manual for the Dynasty 200.

                Allen T.