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Dynasty electric set up IN UK

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  • Dynasty electric set up IN UK

    Hi all

    Finally got the Dynasty fired up.However it shows a "low line" error code and thats as far as i can get with it.

    I'm in the UK so i guess it may have something to do with the difference between OUR single phase setup and US single phase setup.

    Anyone got any ideas what i would need to do to get this resolved?

    The electrician that came and wired it up from my DB confirmed that there was 234V at the machine,so i dont know whats wrong?

    Help GREATLY appreciated (Cruizer,you like a challenge!)

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    Did you use the black and white wires at the machine?


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      I've been running my Dynasty on European power with no problems.


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        @ cruizer

        Yes sir,
        Black on top and white red attached


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          Originally posted by Guardrail View Post
          I've been running my Dynasty on European power with no problems.
          How was power connected @ input panel?


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              Whats the serial#

              check your phase to phase voltage, these units don't care about the freq, and they will run fine anywhere


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                Thanks Cruizer, i knew you wouldn't let me down!


                I will ask my sparky to check those values




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                  Spanky, My 200 DX is wired so that the black and white wire go to hot and neutral and green to ground. The unit doesn't care whether the white or black goes to neutral or hot. All my machines, 2 Lincolns, 2Millers and an Esab, all US spec work fine. Sundown will come on here, call me name or two and say it's wrong. I'm just glad my welders and plasma cutters don't know thy are wired incorrect.


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                    So it sounds like there may be another "underlying" problem?
                    My thinking is, that i bought it from an auction for "not a lot" and dont know the history.

                    I'm guessing the previous owner was using it via 3 phase and had "memorised" the settings for his last work?
                    Now i need to clear those settings for it to accept new ones?

                    I've done the "clear memory" process on startup, but that only works if the settings aren't if they are, how do i do a proper full factory reset, if there is one?

                    Thanks in advance!

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                      That unit WILL NOT WORK on 247, if you read the data plate, that serial # is for plugging into 380-575 Vac ONLY

                      Probably why it doesn't work....


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                        In the manual download, it quite clearly states on front page 208/575 and 1 phase Cruizer...

                        where u got that info from, please?

                        Alas it didnt come with a cover for the fan, is that where the data plate would've been?
                        **EDIT**FOUND IT IN MANUAL! yes, that cover wasn't on machine.

                        Strange that it powers up though eh?

                        Thanks anyways Cruizer

                        Good work as ever.
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                          I punch in the serial # on the tech only site, and it brings up the date of your machine and its specs. And it powers up cause your voltage and its min voltage are fairly close, but the unit won't do much after that.


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                            Thank you!