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    Originally posted by pull-do View Post
    Can't have to much ventilation,,,ask my 65 yr old lungs with 48 yrs of welding or grinding with them,,, take care of those lungs young man, only two per customer.
    Copy that. At least you seem to still have a sense of humor... lungs, ears, heart, eyes... these things are handy to have around!
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      In a small enclosed shops, there are some possibilities of ventilation. One of them is to open a window in roof with proper shade and shelter on it. The next ption is backdoor window uptp roof.


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        I just picked up one of these.

        well, thats a long link. Anyway search duct fan in ebay. you can look at the cfm I think my 6" fan was 500 cfm but I reduced down to fit some 4" aluminum flexible vent pipe with a sheet metal reducer from home depot.

        It comes in lengths (vent pipe) up to 25'. Set the fan in a small window and run the flexible vent pipe across the ceiling then dropped down to the welding table. There I used another 4 to 6 reducer and mounted it to one of those adjustable magnifier light stands.

        Then took a heavy duty lifting magnet from harbor freight so I can stick the stand on the back wall of the table.

        I have some adjustability and the draw works well if you keep it over the work.

        There are all kinds of warnings with he fan, not to use for this and that but it helps me a lot. They are being sold as grow fans for green house applications.

        I also got the speed controller. It cuts down the power to about half on its lowest setting. I was worried about the heat lost in the shop also. But I run it wide open.

        The reviews claim the fans run for years.


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          Originally posted by MMW View Post
          You can also look into a good respirator to use. 3M makes some good ones.
          My neighbor works for the division that makes these.
          I keep volunteering to test one for him. One of these would have been nice back when I was welding a lot of galvanized. Luckily it was outside in windy country.

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