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    hey andy since this is your site can i post i pic of my dope *** minibike with a wheel base of 30" + 10" wheels and seat height is 20" and is all electric 3-12 volt batteries 5.5 hoarsepower motor, speed with set up right now is around 30 mph with 2 sec, my shop teachers who owns one of those ninja superbikes is affraid to ride because the thing when freshly tuned will kick u right off! the machinist who worked my plans weighs like 300+ lbs and was kicked off!!! if i get a two tooth bigger drive spocket and 1" bigger wheels i will get about 20 more mph!!!! when i get my shop goin many people are in line to buy copies for $3000 canadian - not bad since that it is electric legal!!wouldnt it be fun to my electric machine 30mph down the SIDEWALK! same as an electric wheelchair in the bylaws but can go like 20 times faster yaaaa!!!

    p.s. hey andy give me a good TIG welder and ill build u one for free! well it will cost me $2000 for the kickass electronics but hey u scratch my back and ill scratch yours. ha!