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    Will this little buzz box run 1/6 71m 8hrs a day every day I'm talking about the New! X-TREME 8VS
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    Zero idea as to what your talking about??

    The 8vs is a wire feeder


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      xtreme 8 vs

      the extreme 8 vs feeder wont weld by itself, you have to have a power source for it. Dunno if you had a typo or not , if your looking to burn 1/16 wire all day, the feeder would probably handle it. I dont know if you can even get that size of wire on the small eight inch spools, if your gonna hog the wire all day long you'd be better getting the 12 vs , or get used to changing rolls of wire very regularily! Not sure of your power source options, but if your really doing that much a suitcase feeder may not be the best choice at all.
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