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Is it bad or not to braze or weld the blade?

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  • Is it bad or not to braze or weld the blade?

    I broke one of my band saw blades and I'm thinking of brazing or welding it. Is it a good idea?

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    probably should just buy a new one, to much effort to weld it back and grind it down, not worth the time and effort in my opinion


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      We regularly silver solder blades in a jig. Been doing it for too many years to remember. Still have all my fingers too. I will say it pays me but my blades are 160 inches long and my supplier is 70 miles away. There is nothing wrong with it if it is done right in my opinion. Is it worth it? It is for me but it depends on the the cost and availability of replacements in your area and I guess how badly mangled the blade is and how much pressure there is to get back to cutting.


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        I do both, I have spare full blades for I need this job done now breaks and I keep the broken blades to solder them back together when I have a few to do. Usually the blades are trash when I am done with them though.


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          I was thinking also of buying new one. I know it's not really recommended
          to braze broken saw blades. Perhaps, I'll just order Haltbar blades.
          Thank you so much for your help guys