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Where are all the talented welders!!!???

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    Last job i hired on i told them give me two weeks at minimum wage. A few days later i picked up a hood and stinger and looked at them as tho they came from space. Others guys told me to try it and i did and they found i could weld better than they could. I told the foreman i was scared of heights and proceeded to walk out a bar joist. Needless to say im still with the outfit pay is 2 above govt scale out here and i now have nccco crane certs. Ive moved up senior man and am the last one out of work. This outfit only used 3/32 lo/hy for all the welding including moment connections but after washing some guys out we now have 3 suitcase welders and we have moved up to 1/8-5/32 rod. Im the only one burning the bigger stuff but im teaching kids under me to use it. Im an old man in this game now so in next 10-15 ill have to pass the torch


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      Fushion King, I have to agree with you, Its hard to pay the talented guys big money when work gets slow.


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        Hay fellas i gotta get in on this one, Im a 20 year old provisional journeyman with UA 72 (pipefitter union) out of atlanta. Provisional journeyman meaning i have welding cert and are qualified to do journeyman work, but because i haven't completed my school through the union i only get 80% of journey wages with is amazing for a small town boy from south GA. All that being said I graduated high school and tech school in 2010 and out of everyone in my class me and one other guy where the only people to go anywhere in the industry and make any kind of money. We made 15$ when we first come into the union and worked as helpers at plant jack, after that I spent 8 months living on roman noodle and hot dogs trying to get some of the hardest certs in the world from the UA. I say all that because Ive seen alot more guys come and go then to come and stay, and more so then that the guys that dont have family in the hall dont seem to stay at all. Its pretty sad to me, we have such a great opportunity in the union and guys just want to sit around and play xbox. Ive worked my *** off to get here and set up a good life, It just seems that guys my age dont get it. I never starved when i was a kid but if i wanted something i worked for it seems like something these boys my age dont know about.


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          Yea my son/partner ate nothing but those noodles for 2 weeks paying his way thru welding school. Too proud to let me until sometime later.

          Anyone who wants it that bad should do ok

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            we had a few jobs to uild hydrotstatic well texting units. couldn't find any good help so i got a cuban guy and my son to come in with me. not one of them could weld or fit but after a few weeks they are turning into some great workers. the way i taught them was to let them fit and weld the doors to the unit i let them use the 140 mig and it seemed to do the trick .as for as the fitting goes i had them make all the battery boxs .sure the boxs wasn't a huge projecy but it taught them to make sure things was square now after 2 months i now fave a fairly good welder and a fairly good fitter. if guys like use who own companies don't take the time to teach the younger ones comeing in then how will they get on the job experiense.welding in a booth ina votec school is nuthing compaired to welding in the real world. i know all of use wasn't born with a lead or torch in our hands and we had to learn from someone at one point in timejust take time to teach them instead of sending them down the road you never know they just might end up being yur best employees.