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Custom MiniChopper: What size chromoly?

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  • Custom MiniChopper: What size chromoly?

    What size chromoly tubing and what wall thickness would you recommend for a custom motorcycle frame. Actually, its for a mini-chopper. I'm making a West Coast Choppers knock off of their Sturgis Special El Diablo II (see under the bikes section). The only thing is that I'm making it from an old minibike, kind of like a Honda 50 (I really have no idea who made it). I'm using the mini bike for the hardware, tires/wheels, neck tube, etc. I'll be making the frame, forks, and modifying the stock tank to look similar to the WCC tank. Also, do you or anyone else have any suggestions for rebuilding the 2-stroke motor? I don't know the manufacturer because I can't find any indication of one on the casing. All other tips/hints/suggestions are always welcome!!! Thanks! Adam

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    2 cycle

    A good repair shop should be able to ID the engine for you. When you finish the bike show us what you're made of and ride it to Sturgis!


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      Wow, that would be quite a ride!!! Hehe. 900 miles on a little 2-stroke rigid chopper would probably not work(both the bike and myself would probably not make it)! That would be one sore rear end. Ouch! Thanks for the suggestion! Adam