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    I currently have a Miller 230X Mig Welder. I have had this machine for two years now and I am still trying to get it to work properly. I weld mild steel round tubing and manufacturer race car chassis in the north-east.

    I was using .035 wire, but I was having trouble with the machine starting smoothly. It would splatter real bad and never make a good start. The tips were burning up and I was always messing with the machine. I switched to .030 wire and it seamed to help, but recently I was using a Lincoln welder that was actually a lower end machine compared to my 230x and that machine was great. It started real nice, never splattered, and was real smooth. I could never weld with my 230x like that.

    I there anything that can be done with the machine to help this problem out???


    Bob Balaam

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    The .030 wire will run better for your application. Are you using the stock MILLER gun? Some aftermarket guns or tips are not as tight as the MILLER.

    You may want to give our MILLER service department a call at 920-735-4505.

    They may have an update or an idea of how to make it run better.



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      Hi that is so funny I was just getting ready to post an article about the same problems with my machine. I have never heard of a 230x. Mine is a 250x without meters. I have not used it in a little while and I have a pretty big project to do with it. The welds dont look bad but it looks like a fireworks display around my welding table. I am doing 1/4 angle c25gas flowrate20cf .035 soid 70s6 wire 20v 260wirespeed is this in the ballpark? Could any of these be the problems? Old gas,wire with very slight rust,cold weather.It looks like small bbs flying all over the floor. Is this a known problem with the 250x. If so is there an upgrade to a new circut board? I really like the machine but the splatter and poping are out of control. Any help on this subject will be appreciated. Thanks Chub380