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XMT 304 CC running 12RC feeder

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  • XMT 304 CC running 12RC feeder

    Have just acquired a older xmt304 that is a CC only machine. Was wondering how well it would power my 12RC feeder if at all. Thanks in advance

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    It'll plug in however the only wire that will run well is dual shield.


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      Will it run well enough to do hobby projects around the house. I am building a small 4' box blade and would like to use this combo on that.


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        Dual shield would be perfect for that blade...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Have been trying to figure out why dual shield would run better then straight solid. Please enlighten. Thanks


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            The 12rc feeder needs a constant voltage power source
            i don't think it would run dual sheila or any wire for that matter well.

            You should consider selling the rc and buying a vs
            or selling the 304cc and getting a 304cc/cv

            The rc is just a bench feeder in a suitcase, it needs cv power

            I have dual shield on my 12rc now, I will set my 304 to stick mode and weld with it, I will get back to you.


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              Solid on CC will run in an unregulated spray thus will burn back to the tip constantly with your RC feeder. You will NEVER maintain stick out. Dual shield likes it and purrs but still may have problems maintaining stick out. A VS feeder would be much better overall.

              Why the questions, We told you what to run. why the hub bub


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                Just didn't now the specific properties and was curious. Thanks for the info


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                  Not that I didn't believe anyone but,
                  I ran dual Shield on my 304 in cc mode on my s-74 feeder.
                  it actually ran pretty good. 75/24 gas 200 amps 300imp .045 dual shield

                  So a +1 for me on dual shield rc feeder on a cc machine