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spoolmatic 30a spoolgun and esab power source? compatibe

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  • spoolmatic 30a spoolgun and esab power source? compatibe

    Hi forum users, I sent this email to Miller tech and am waiting a response, hope you will weigh in too.

    I went to my local esab/miller dealer and got an answer i don't believe.
    I have an esab 350mpi and just picked up a used miller spoolmatic 30a spoolgun. My dealer said there is no way to connect the two and rec'd a
    new power source and gun....hmmm.

    your 30a manual shows it plugging directly into a 115v ac power source
    outlet, which is what my esab puts out its feeder plug receptacle. can your spoolgun run off my power source if i make/purchase a plug to run the ac power
    to the correct plug sleeves- the 350mpi has a switch to switch contactor control between on-off / always on on the front of the machine. Does the gun care in the contactor is always on - i realise this could be a safety issue if the user was unawares.

    lastly, what is the input voltage of the 30a spoolgun? your manual does not list it.


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    NOPE, you would need a WC-24 and a adaptor box to mate the 2 together.

    The 30A needs a driver board, ie the WC-24, which in turn needs 24 VAC 1 Amp to run,


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      A wc24 box with a psa2 box

      The 30a does NOT have a motor controll board, that's why in needs a secondary box to run it
      the 30a has a potentiometer and a motor in it, the pot feeds the motor control board and the board feeds power to the motor through the controll cable, so simply applying power will NOT work.

      An older spoolmatic 3 has everything built in, supply 24v Ac and it'll run.

      Your spoolmatic 30a requires another box (Millermatic with 10 pin connector, wc24, or wc115)
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        The wc115 takes 115v wall power and supplies everything needed to run the 30a.
        the wc24 needs 24v Ac supplied to it to run.
        the psa2 takes 115v wall power and supplies 24vac.