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Old Welding Hood - Who's the Mfg?

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    Originally posted by drpipe View Post
    Yeah that style of helmet will take a lot of generic headgears .... I personally like using surgical tubing ...It is the best .. Hands down . When I buy a new pipeliner / fibre metal . I throw away the headgear and use the tubing it's so comfortable .
    . Plus it is so much fun to walk into the pharmacy all dirty and tired and say hey ( let me get some of that surgical tubing... About 20 inches ). Lol the look is priceless .
    Drpipe, you have totally lost me. I can see how surgical tubing would be comfortable, but how in the world are you going to attach a hood in a usable manner to your head with it?


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      Anybody need one of these?,

      You pay the shipping and it's yours.
      PM me contact info.


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        Originally posted by GaryN View Post
        You get the prize Brownie... I emailed the pic to Sellstrom and it's an old 280 series. Headgears are still available. Thanks for your help.
        I can't wait I'm sure I'll be surprised... I used one for a lot of years, I had to duck tape a leather flap on the front to shield the arc from my neck, dam arc burn! I still have one in good shape which I don,t use any more. I'll check the mailbox for my prize. Thanks.