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Dynasty 200 vs. syncrowave 250 ect

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  • Dynasty 200 vs. syncrowave 250 ect

    Sorry Andy its me again! i took up your advice on the dynasty 200 and found that it is a costs a little more then the syncrowave 250 aircooled.
    now what are the specs for each machine? if it wernt for the size and portabilty witch one it a better welder? and bein better at mig i think i should get a mig welder to do my steels right? so whats a good mig... millermatic 210,251? is a small plasma cutter worth it for small cuttin jobs or should i go cheaper and get a torch setup until i need a plasma machine? so all in not bein a pro welder and not able to tig yet witch is a good combo for my parents money and my welds? is it cheaper for a miller welder down in the states or up here in canada?

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    which MIG

    If I was in the market for a machine in the 250 amp class, I would grab up a Millermatic Vintage before they are all gone. They aren't in the 2003 catalog but are still being offered by dealers. I assume the cost would be better in the US but Andy can better answer that as well as your other questions.


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      The costs are better in the US but I don't know how you would get it home. The Dynasty 200 will be a bit easier to learn on because the arc is not so wide and fluttery. There are a few more adjustments to learn but the welding is easier. The Sync 250 will have a max amperage of 310 while the Dynasty tops out at 200. So unless you are needing the higher amps, go with the Dynasty. It should do 1/4" easy. As far as the MIG, go with the MM210 or Vintage like Cope said and for me, Plasma is the way to go. I don't even use my torch set any more unless I need to heat and bend something.

      Good luck!



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        if i were to go with the dynasty200 what is the one to get SD, DX? what is the difference from the maxstar 200... and the dynasty 200...? since im new to welding in all is 1/4 inch good for a welder? and how think will the syncrowave250 get me? umm 1/3 inch? and when welder sites a welder can weld 1/4 inch first pass does that mean u can weld several passes and get thicker penatration? since ive never used a torch or anything to cut would the plasma thunder or spectrum 375 work for thin sheet metal to stop warpage and a torch set up for those huge clumps of metal?

        thank you for your replys