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Syncrowave 300... What's it Worth?

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  • Syncrowave 300... What's it Worth?

    I've got a Syncrowave 300 that I'm looking to put up for sale. Problem is that while trying to compare prices I'm finding numbers that are all over the map! Now, I know that different options and what not, but even looking at similar models as mine are coming up with quite a variation. Here's what I've got:

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    Like I said... a big, old 300. The serial number is HJ124373 so it puts it from 1978. It has a pulser (that works awesome), recently rebuilt foot control, ground and positive cable, and is wired for 220v. I used it mostly for TIG and I used a WP20 and a homemade cooler... not including it with the sale though. As far as condition, I put it in really good condition but it looks a little goofy because someone tried to repaint the control panel at some point. I've kept it clean by taking the covers off twice a year to blow everything out.

    The numbers I'm finding are anywhere from about $900 to $2500. I haven't found any for sale locally and my local welder suppliers have given me numbers from $1000 to $2000. Should I just start in the middle and hope for the best? Anyhow, thanks everyone for any input.

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    Originally posted by neohic View Post
    Should I just start in the middle and hope for the best? Anyhow, thanks everyone for any input.
    Only if you want to potentially put less money in your pocket.

    Suppose you advertise it for $1500 and the first guy who comes along says " OK ". You have to wonder ... " that was too easy, I wonder if he would have paid more had I asked for it. "

    You've done the right thing in researching it, included options are important but even more important is condition. How does yours look?

    A clean unit with no options may bring more than a fully optioned unit that looks like it was dragged through a quarry behind an excavator.

    If I were selling it I would recondition it as much as I could WITHOUT doing any repaint work. I always think new paint is hiding old problems.

    Then I would price it on the high side, after all you can always accept a lower offer but it's kind of hard to raise the price on someone who jumps on your first price.

    I just sold an old complete O/A setup that I have not fired up in two years. When I bought it from Craigs List four years ago I paid $250 for it. I would have been happy to get my original $250 back so thinking I would get beat up in negotiations I advertised it for $500.00. The first guy to come, out looked at it and says " I'll take it! " and handed me $500.00.

    He told me " I am a contractor and one those occasions when I am in need of a torch it often times costs me $500.00 or more to have a guy come on site. I would have paid you more if you had asked for more! "

    After we loaded it up I had to take a shot at him so I said ... " I think I did pretty good, I paid $250.00 for it and sold it to you for $500.00 "

    He laughed, and we chatted a bit more. I ended up with his business card and a potential customer for any more construction related gear I come across!
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      Originally posted by harcosparky View Post
      ...but even more important is condition. How does yours look?...
      Eh... mine looks pretty good for its age. It came from a school so it has had an easy life mechanically. The problem comes in that it came from a school so its had a tough life of being smacked around with tool boxes being set on top of it.

      The control panel has been repainted... mostly. In the light of my shop, it looks a little spotty.

      Everything was taped off and painted around. Not sure why it was done... came that way. Otherwise, no real dents besides a few little dings here and there.

      Thanks for the info! I haven't posted it up for sale just yet but I was thinking somewhere around $1800 for it.


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        Hmm... trying to sell this old girl isn't going as well as I had originally hoped. I started at $1800 and now dropped to $1600 with hopes of sparking some interest... pun intended. I've got it up on CraigsList in two cities close to me but no replies yet. I went back and talked to my local welder supply and they don't want it or know anyone who would right off hand.

        Anyone know a better way/location to advertise an awesome welder?


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          Put it on eBay 0 dollars start with a reserve on it oh and local pick up only u will be surprised on what knocks on your door good luck I just put my dial arc 250 hf-p up for sale for 1500 its water cooled and selling it complete