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Millermatic 211 question

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  • Millermatic 211 question

    New to the forum and the welding trade. Just purchased the MM 211 and have used it to build a welding table. The welder seems to be working just fine as far as the beads im laying down, but the machine seems to make a lot more noise from the wire spool drive or wire drive rolls. Is this normal from the MM 211's or is this a problem. Previously welded with a Lincoln wire feed that didnt make this much noise. Any feedback welcome!

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    Couldn't tell you without hearing it.
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      I just ran mine tonight and didn't hear what I felt was much sound if any. Is the wire spool cranked down a bunch making the noise? Or does it sound more like a drive motor sound?
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        Is kind of a squeeling noise? If the wfs is cranked is does that.