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what equip should i get

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    Thanks for the question.
    With the mateials you mentioned, TIG would be the better choice. It does get easier with practice and the steadyness of your hands will make a difference as TIG is much more precise of arc than MIG. Tubing will also be difficult to master because of the continuous arc you need to move the torch through. A Syncrowave 180SD will be a nice unit to start with or a Dynasty 200SD. The Dynasty is a bit more expensive but is not as picky on hand movements.
    As far as shop equipment, Check out they have quite a bit of metal working equipment very reasonable. I have a mill and lathe from there that do everything I need to do with building race cars.

    Good luck!


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  • JWD
    started a topic what equip should i get

    what equip should i get

    Hey All,
    Im a highschool student wanting to set up a shop in my garage.
    i also have a disability witch affects the steadyness of my hands.
    i leard to MIG weld at school but i tried like 5 mins on alluminum(with no instruction) of TIG and found it was quite hard. now to the point will it get easier with practice? and what equipment should i get to set up a shop to weld and cut steel, chro-mo, alluminum, titanium and ect.?

    p.s. i want to be able to make bike frames with hq welds
    and anyone know a good company for metal lathes and mills ect.?