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Syncrowave 180 SD problem

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  • Syncrowave 180 SD problem

    I just picked up a Syncrowave 180 SD (2001 model without digital read out) . High frequency does not work. I did scratch start TIG and it welded fine. Prior owner said it has damage on the board and he had taken the board to a welder service-they said it was not repairable. Anyone had good results with a board (card) repair? The new boards are really expensive. I would like to repair it so I can use the TIG AC. Or I could just use it with what still works and get another unit with AC TIG. Thanks, Matt Are used boards available?
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    I work at a repair shop sometimes a board isn't always the problem could be tip parts or the torch ground lead or something small maybe your power never know but board are expensive sometimes better off buying a new welder and sometimes miller doesn't make the board anymore kinda hard to say exactly what it is without opening it up and finding the problem


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      I can't imagine a board not being repairable, unless it was burned to a crisp.

      I can imagine today most repair facilities are nothing more that board swap shops.

      Component level troubleshooting/repair seems to be a lost art.

      Labor costs could drive board repair cost to the " not economically repairable " status.

      One other possible issue would be if Miller used a proprietary electronic component that cannot be bought.

      In my other life I was trained to troubleshoot and repair down to the component level, then the military put me in the field where that talent was rarely used.

      If you have the schematic for the board, test equipment and the skills you could probably repair it yourself. I do a lot of repairs here on stuff worth doing them on, I tend to get a lot of work from friends on generators. I also do a lot of rework on Jeep vehicles, they have not so good wiring and the problems show up when they are about 10 years old.