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Black Friday?

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  • Black Friday?

    I apologize in advance for this being off topic, but I work retail (hobby and art weld with a diversion 165 and millermatic 250) and I was just curious if anyone had any crazy Black Friday stories, or if the welding community even does Black Friday. Just trying to get a view into this specific group of the world. Thanks! Happy belated Thanksgiving.


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    Drove home after dinner at my sisters house where my son, the welding student was able to demonstrate his skills for the family and we passed two shopping malls/districts.

    Had absolutely no desire to to go and spend money no matter how great the savings.

    We do almost all of our Christmas shopping in the first half of January so our shopping for Christmas 2012 was completed in January 2012.

    Now I am hoping that one welding supplier is open today as I want to pick up a new MM211. If not I will have to wait till Monday, and that's OK.


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      Black Friday?

      Exactly my thoughts. I don't understand why people go crazy like they do. Just worked 8pm to 6am watching people sprint through Target for a 50" TV. , on the way home to finish the fab on my new welding cart.

      Gonna be a good day.

      Good luck and have fun with the new machine!

      Thanks for the response


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        I was traveling last night, a Walmart in Grand Rapids was jammed about 8 30 or so, hiway was clogged and a real jamm, cars parked out a half a mile where ever they could get, at 10 went thru Cadilac parking lot full, just a spot, I needed some oil and a couple other things, actually wanted to see the crowd, lines at every register about half way across the store. We has to wait 20 minutes but were on the tail end, by the time we got back out it had really cleared, about the speed of a majors game or big concert. The place was still plenty busy butit had peaked. Drained about 50% in an hour or less.

        In fact by the time we got in line we were down 5 or 6 but every cart was full. My wide was impatient, this was a fly thru deal, I would have just as soon shopped for another half an hour, checkout would have been near clear. Huge spike.