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can I mig weld chromoly

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  • can I mig weld chromoly

    Hi Andy,
    I am building a offroad race car out of 4130 chromoly and 1.5 x .120 wall ERW mild tubing.
    Can I mig weld the chromoly?
    Also can I mig the chromoly to the mild steel , Or should it be tig welded.
    Will mig welded joints be as strong as a tig welds?
    I have also made my own spindles out of 4140 and I plan to weld these to mild steel , should I preheat the splindes and mig them or tig them?

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    I would prefer to see you TIG these. If you choose to MIG this together, you should stress relieve the weld joint after welding. This can be time consuming and you might as well TIG it. If you keep your arc length low and your fit up is tight enough, you shouldn't need to stress relieve.
    For your 4130/4140 to mild steel, there are a few good filler rod mfg companies that make a nice rod for dissimilar steels. See if your distributor carries Eutectic brand fillers. I believe the rod is the Tigtectic 680 filler. It's a bit pricey but well worth it.