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Welding Trailor Ideas for Junior Ag Mechanics show

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  • Welding Trailor Ideas for Junior Ag Mechanics show

    I posted this on the projects forum and havent gotten any hits yet so i thought id post over here too to see if any of you super pro's had some tips or ideas.

    Ok guys I'm building a welding trailer from scratch to take to the Ag Mechanics shows at the San Angelo, San Antonio, and Houston livestock shows. I'm here to ask those of you who use your portable rigs(be it truck beds or trailors) what are your favorite features or what is something you wish you had on your rig?

    I have already built the frame using 2"x4"x3/16" tubing for the frame rails and used the same 2x4 and 2x2x11ga tubing for crossmembers alternating back and forth every 2 feet. It is 16'x6'4" in size. I plan on having a 3/8'' table that comes up from the floor on a hydraulic. There will be an overhead rack for material and a sheet goods rack on the side. the tool boxes will be custom built to hang out over the tires on each side and have the fenders molded into them and they will have electric trunk latches that will be controled from one box. I have a Bobcat 225 that will go on it and I've incorperated an external Fuel cell that fits under the floor between the frame rails that will hold about 20 gallons of extra fuel. there will ofcourse be an Oxy/Accetyllene set up and all the reels for the welder and torches will be concealed in one tool box. I have plans to incorperate a small Jib crane onto it that will have have maybe an 8 foot reach so that i could pick up something on the opposite side of the trailer, but that is by no means final. I am going to put a detchable vice that will store away and want a source of compressed air for air tools, what do you suggest?

    So what am I missing?
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    I'd add OA hosereels, cable reels, a "rollout wheel" even though it's not a pipeline rig (ag welders do pipe and fittings and would benefit from exposure to that trick, don't forget to put a pretty partially welded workpiece in the chuck!), a mount for a sunshade/umbrella (ag welders and pipeliners both often work outdoors), and don't forget a fire extinguisher.

    I'd use an axle whose hubs match either Ford or Chevy truck wheels, then run some attractive aluminum rims. My personal preference would be to take a 14-bolt Chevy rear, cut off the stubs, scrap the "pumpkin" and throw away the rear brakes. Weld a section of pipe where the pumpkin once lived, and you have a tough 8-lug axle whose bearings are available at any auto store.

    I just leave the 14-bolt intact on my trailer, but you are doing a show and that would look ghetto.

    Bulldog hitch mounts not only let you set hitch height, they let you remove the hitch to deter theft. My trailer has a hunk of pipe where the hitch mounts since it makes a "third leg" and when I need to move it I swap the hitch for the leg.