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    I am planning to buy a new welder. Looked at the Invertec 205 and the PrecisionTig 275. PT275 is too heavy for me, need some portability. Trouble finding all the specs on the Dynasty 200 (where can I find out about duty cycles?) But the real question is this: The Dynasty 200 is more what I can afford and will do most of what I need as I seldom need more power but I'm worried that if I need to do heavier work I'll be sorry I didn't get the 300. However if I'm in that situation I may be better off with a MIG machine as a second machine. How would you decide?

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    You should read chub380's thread about the Miller Dynasty. An important point made on that thread is (if I interpreted it properly) that in AC mode, you have 30% more usable power. In other words, if max output is 200 amps, you should be able to weld something that is around .26" in thickness in a single pass with proper penetration (which would require 260 amps using a conventional, non-inverter type machine). I'm about 60% sure on this, so could someone please critique this statement? I have not been able to find any specs on the Dynasty 200 either, but cyberweld is selling them on their website.
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      Hey guys,
      The Dynasty 200 will easily do 1/4 inch Aluminum. It has the same control functions as the larger Dynasty 300.
      The Dynasty specs are:
      single or 3phase
      120v-460v input power
      1-110 Amps on 120v
      1-200 Amps on 200-460v
      150 Amp 60% duty cycle
      200 Amp 20% duty cycle
      It's a kickin machine! I easily welded 1/8 Alum on 120volt house power! How's that for portable??