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Dynasty 200 - Miller, why do you do these things?

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  • Dynasty 200 - Miller, why do you do these things?

    I recently upgraded from my Diversion 165 to a brand new Dynasty 200 DX. It is nice to be able to unplug the leads from the machine when storing or moving it. It would be nice if the power cord could also be disconnected. But that would only be a request...

    I decided to make a dedicated ground cable from my bench top TIG table/work surface. I purchased some ground cable and a LENCO LDC-50 DINSE. Of course the "industry standard" DINSE connector will not connect to the Dynasty. It seems that Miller has decided to chamfer the ends of their DINSE connectors and recess the insulation on the sockets on the welder. Thus you need to purchase a Miller OEM or perhaps Miller specific (if there is such a thing) connector. Of course I can and will simply chamfer the LENCO connector to fit. But give me a break... - 10 points for Miller on this one.

    And finally, Miller supplied a shoulder strap with the machine. It has a nice quick connect buckle and all. However, the buckle WILL NOT FIT through the slots on the end of the machine! So the buckle is totally, positively and absolutely WORTHLESS! Granted the shoulder strap is only a minor component of the overall package. I probably would never have used it even if the buckle did fit. Still, it makes one wonder...

    If a company has designers, reviewers, testers, managers etc. who let something like this pass - what else did they screw up???


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    Well, standard (non-Miller) dinse connectors do fit, I use em all the time, as for the shoulder strap, you just have to know how to connect it, as they fit fine as well.

    The first couple I swore at, but the next 500 were easy.


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      So let's can't figure out how to get your DINSE into the hole (sounds like a personal problem) ... and you're mad because your ManBag shoulder strap clashes with your Window Treatments.

      Geesh, you're almost as bad as the guy who considered it a "factory defect" that his Dynasty's faceplate wasn't painted with "Made in USA" in the right place.


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        Thanks cruizer but I beg to differ. The brass part of the standard plug WILL fit into the Dynasty socket. However, it is prevented by the insulator from entering far enough to engage the tab on the plug into the slot in the socket and it will not rotate. I sanded a slight bevel on the insulator to mimic the Miller configuration and it now will insert sufficiently to turn and tighten.

        As to the strap... The cover of the owner's manual does indeed show how to install the strap and use the keeper to join the two loose ends and adjust the length. If the strap is installed this way it cannot be removed without taking it apart at the keeper. Thus the quick connect serves no purpose.

        I joined the strap into a continuous loop, fed it doubled through each of the end pieces and held it in place with a couple of dowels just as the oiler holds the sling on the butt stock of an M1 Carbine. I tried it on for size and decided I would rather carry it by the handle.



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          Originally posted by Helios View Post

          Geesh, you're almost as bad as the guy who considered it a "factory defect" that his Dynasty's faceplate wasn't painted with "Made in USA" in the right place.
          Well I am that guy, and it is a factory defect if there was NO "Made in USA" label anywhere on my Dynasty. And I am going to buy my own labels and slap em on. Hope it does not "Void the Warranty".
          Nothing welded, Nothing gained

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            Whew! Where do we go from here?

            Sounds like those entitled Republicans who didn't get their wish.

            I love the whine.

            Go ahead, let it eat you up.