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DIVERSION 180 broken foot cable now the whole welder doesent work?

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    Originally posted by jaden View Post
    but my problem is that the welder will only put out 10 amps now... theres a controller on the torch that works in place of the foot pedal if the foot pedal is unplugged and it will only let me run 10 Amps.


    Originally posted by jaden View Post
    no it was un plugged... it must have backfed power through the welder and fried something. what i dont know

    What you are saying is that when the foot pedal is plugged in it overrides the controller on the torch.

    Assuming that the controller component in the torch, maybe a variable resistor, is the same as that in the foot pedal then it would appear as though when the metal piece cut through the cable it shorted out the wires and fried something common to both the foot control and torch control.

    That is most like a controller circuit board but is troubleshooting that within your capabilities.

    Keep in mind I am taking a guess at this because I do not know that specific machine, but I am an electronics technician.


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      Originally posted by jaden View Post
      well. I ended up sending the unit in to the place that i bought the welder and they sent it in for repair

      I told the guy what happened and sent in the foot cable. ends up that it fried the circuit board in the welder! wow. I was surprised that they dont install some sort of safety device for this.

      anyways they are going to replace the circuit board under warranty so i guess thats all that really matters.

      good to know that miller stands behind there products in a scenario like this
      Sounds like Miller has made another customer VERY happy!
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