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Coming out of Welding School

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  • Coming out of Welding School

    I wonder if company's will be scared to hire me just because I will be a rookie welder fresh out of school ?

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    Hopefully your school helps you find a job like my school had done.


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      Coming out of Welding School

      Ok thanks...My instructor will more than likely help me instead of the school as a whole


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        If you are scared they won't hire you then they'll likely pick up on that and won't. Be honest and confident.

        Despite that the outlook for welding careers is outstanding. I would urge you to look farther along the educational track than manual processes though. Robots and computerized systmes will continue to take a lot of those jobs. You want to be the welder who can program them. :-)

        Check out this article from AWS:

        And learn from this one how much you're worth and where you can go:

        If you really, really, really want to just go burn rods for money and get some experience check out all the goings on in Alberta, CA. I rode through there on my bike in September on my way to Alaska. Hundreds of miles of bumper to bumper welding rigs. :-)
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