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Econotig not forming welding puddle in TIG mode

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  • Econotig not forming welding puddle in TIG mode

    I recently acquired an Econotig 60hz 150amp, and I am having some issues with the TIG function. The Stick function throws a great arc, and I can burn through pretty thick metal on high. Not that I would want to... But when using the same connection in TIG mode, I am only getting enough heat in the arc to melt filler metal. A puddle won't form on 20 gauge Aluminum or Steel. The pedal control I am using is older and it seems loose, but when looking inside of it I don't see anything that appears bad. The inside of the welder doesn't appear to have any problems I can spot visually either. Could this be a pedal control issue, bad pedal or rheostat, or does it sound like something that warrants a repair shop like the control board? Any suggestions or experiences with this problem would be much appreciated.

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    Do you know anyone with a foot pedal that can let you borrow it. It sounds like you need to take the easy step first. It is a lot cheaper then guessing it is or isn't.


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      What do you have the panel amperage control set at?
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