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  • Welding School in Idaho

    I just wanted to pass on this information about a great School!

    After moving to Idaho from California(retired) found a great school at the College of Western Idaho in Nampa ID.
    It is a brand new facility with state of the art equipment. All stations have Dynasty 200 machines, along with Xmt 350 machines. They have a pipe works 400, and some Lincoln 350 machines.

    They have a two year program, a 16 month program, and the course I'm taking an 8 week course that will focus on either Stick, Mig, Flux Core, or Stick. I will most likely take at least the Stick, Tig,and Mig. This 8 week course is $450.
    During the two year course the first year is spent on welding, and the second year is spent on fabricating.
    The fabrication shop is awesome. It includes a 1/2 inch shear, Ellis bandsaws, Baileigh notcher and benders, an Eagle CP-40 Roll Bender, Hypertherm 130 Plasma with a huge Plasma table with CAD, Lathes, mills, and just about every piece of fabrication equipment you could want.

    I have not seen a school so well equipped before in my life!
    The instructors seem well educated after the little time I observed them dealing with students.
    I am registering for the class starting in January, I will update once I have the hands on in the class, but this far I am very impressed and if you are looking for an affordable class that also offers AWS certification, I would check out the College of Western Idaho.