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  • Welder covers

    Looks like my service truck at work is getting a new welder from the year end budget. Are the factory covers usable while running around with the truck or more for just when parked? I mostly would like something to keep the grit of gravel roads out. Any suggestions?

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    Factory coves are usually heavy treated canvas and yes they work great buy one.


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      Had two factory Miller covers for my trailblazer. Both lasted 60 days and came apart at the seems . Won't buy another one till some changes to much money for no longer than mine lasted
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        You should contact your Miller rep and complain. I have put Miller covers on the Trailblazers of every svc. veh in our County Road Depts. fleet. All 12 have held up well.


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          Look in the Yellow Pages for a local tent and awning company. Spec out what you want the covers made out of, stitching, etc. and you'll pay less than the factory Miller covers.

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            I was thinking of the custom cover idea also. Having thoughts of a lightweight airbag type material. It wouldn't soak water like canvas, an be easy to take on and off. I mostly need dust and grit control, the truck lives inside when not being used.

            Don't know if I should admit this, but the welder will probably be red, not blue. But I'm not the one cutting the check.