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  • Millermatic 210

    I have been looking at the 175 for a couple of months trying to decide if that was big enough for my needs. I decided to go with the 210 and was about ready to order it and read about the 7 tap settings instead of the infinite voltage settings. I thought this would be a feature that would be on a welder a step up. Can you please explain to me the pros/cons to this type of setup? I really want to get a welder ordered. Thanks. Eric

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    Millermatic 210

    Basically, the 7 position tap divides the range into 7 steps, whereas the infinite adjustment lets you fine-tune the setting. My first MIG had a tap setup and I sold it to get a newer model with the infinite adjustment. I was able to weld easier with the taps! If the 210 has the specs you want or need, don't worry about the 7 taps.


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      I have welded with both the HH175 and the MM175. The Hobart has taps, and the Miller is infinitely adjustable. Both weld fine. I would buy the 210 if it has the right capacity for you and don't worry about the 7 taps. The HH175 only has 4 taps, and it works fine for me.