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tig welding mild steel off 91 bobcat 225

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  • tig welding mild steel off 91 bobcat 225

    I was at a farm show and i asked the miller sales men there how to tig weld
    Mild steel off my welder, I thought I would need a two piece tig torch but he said It would be better to get an one piece torch then he said I could use "a tig block" that would go onto the output stud of the welder and would allow me to get gas an power down this one piece torch off my welder. I have tried to find how much this "tig block" is and what it is. Any of you experts out there know what this "tig block" is and could tell me where to find one would be great! Thank you in advance!

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    Tig block is basically just an adapter that allows you to screw the tig torch into one end and a gas line into the other and in the middle you can either clamp the stinger to or bolt it directly to the neg terminal of your machine.

    Here is a link for what you are looking for. Tig Block

    P.S. It is one of the first three that are brass in color.
    P.S. Tig block would also be called a "field tig set-up"


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      Okay thanks. So with this tig block I would not have to have it right on my machine? I can attach it to one of my stick welding leads? Just that way I can tig weld farther away from the machine itself.


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        Think of it like a Y in plumbing where 2 lines are coming together to create 1 combined line. This block does not have to be bolted directly to the machine if you are using lift arc tig. I have always bolted it directly to a HF unit if I was welding aluminum.

        Also be careful and get a cover for the block, if you clamp the stinger to the tig block, it is electrically charged and will arc if it comes in contact with a way to get the ground.


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          The tig power block adapter I would use is a brass block the bolts onto the lug of your weld one end accepts gas hose from argon the end the power cable from your tig torch

          The lower for gas cooled the upper for water cooled.

          Sorry looks like a duplicated a post.
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            Thank you for the replies. Would my LWS have the tig lead itself? My local welding shop is about an hour away so I was wonder if it's something they would normally stock? Also what else do I need to buy to make this all work. I know I'll need argon and regulator but what do I need for tig consumables and tungsten?


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              You will need a gas cooled tig torch with a valve, like 15O amp, 25 feet long is common, buy some 3/32 tungsten, I prefer 2% thoriated, couple of #7 Alumina cups, 3/32 collect and collet body and a back cap. Don't forget the Power Block. Set your mach on DC- about 80 amps, make sure your gas is on, turn on the gas valve at the torch and scratch the tung against the grounded plate like a match. Buy 3/32 filler 70S2 or 70S6 will work and practice. Very similar to welding with Oxy/Acet. The tung needs to be ground to a point and then flatten the point to about 1/2 the size of the tungsten. Since you proably do not have a clean wheel you can grind the tung on the side of the wheel make sure to grind it length wise do not turn it like a pencil.

              Have fun