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  • DIALARC HF Questions

    I found a great deal on a DIALARC HF, but before going to buy, I have a few questions:

    1. This is for home use and I have a 30A 240V outlet in my garage, I assume this unit will run on that up to a point, any idea how thick I could go in steel or AL before tripping the breaker? Or will it not run at all?

    2. Any idea what it weighs?

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    don't have a SN, but it is a HF-P with the white face and the levers on each side if that helps...


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      30 amps won't get you very far, actually with the "P" powerfactor connected, at idle your drawing 22 amps, disconnected your drawing 6 amps. We usually disconnect it for the garage guys.

      Never the less you have a usable 24 amps with pf disconnected. Which, with say even a minor surge will take out your breaker imediately.

      Basically its a 90 amps machine, so you'd need at minimum a 100 amp breaker, and #6 cable running to it.

      Some guys get away with a slow blow 50 amp breaker, but really thats NOT the way to proceed.


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        I've been running my Dialarc HF off a 50A breaker for years, with no problems- yet.
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