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Spectrum 625 not powering up

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  • Spectrum 625 not powering up

    i bought a used machine last week, a 2005 model that is supposedly unused, and looks to be, other than the torch, it was bought by a body building company who ran 440 and big goofy round blue 4 prong plugs, apparently they had put that plug on this machine, and plugged it into a 440 power supply and it never worked from there on out and has sat since, that is pretty much all i know about the unit,
    when i got it it had no plug, i put a 50 amp plug on it, and nothing, no lights, the red light on the board doesnt light up either pulled the cover and nothing smells or appears to be fried, blackened etc, inside this thing is as new as it gets, the capacitor looks a little goofy in that the black coating is cracked in one spot the size of a thumb nail and almost looks like it has corrosion under it, like aluminum corrosion, although i see no corrosion, this is my first plasma and although im pretty handy and can fix most anything, im a little stumped. are there any fuses on this unit im not seeing? any help would be great...

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    serial# please.... gotta pull up the correct diagram


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      i left it at a friends, but took a pic of the serial, here it is..LF270078P


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        my friend had it on a multi meter and said it looks like its getting power at the board, switch etc, but at the inductors on the bottom hes getting nothing, im not sure what that means...


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          Its roasted if the company in question tryied it on a 460 power supply. This unit is/was designed for 208/230 single phase ONLY. I wouldn't bother with the huge expense of repairing the damage here repair wise.

          Sell off its torch and toss the rest.


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            well that sucks.


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              Plasma Fairy

              If yo would like to e-mail me I may be able to help you out with some parts for the Spectrum 625.
              Tim Lux
              Service and Aplications Specialist
              Miller Electric Mfg. Co