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1970 miller big 40 with f163 motor no oil pressure please help

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  • 1970 miller big 40 with f163 motor no oil pressure please help

    I have a 1970 Miller big 40 with no oil pressure. besides the oil pump what are some other possibilities that could be causing this problem? I've already put a new gauge in. I have really dropped the pump and pretty sure I put it back in correctly any chance of the lines being plugged up for anything else any help would be appreciative thank you

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    Pretty tough to have zero oil pressure on a running engine. Maybe the gage line is blocked. Is the unit making lots of noise.... probably not


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      Pull the line or sending unit for the oil pressure gauge, turn the ignition off, and crank the engine. You should see oil squirt out of pressure port. That should tell you if the pump is making pressure.


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        No it's not making any noise when running. I don't read it very long I'm kind of scared to. I have pulled up line already oil is pumping out of the port but not very much at all. I have everything done some work on the motor like drop the oil pan pulled pump pull the head pulled distributor and so on and so forth. I'm pretty positive I installed everything back correctly was just thinking and hoping that maybe the line or supply was plugged up somewhere.


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          So run a piece of mig wire through there and hopefully remove the clog