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  • Dynasty

    Andy, I have owned a dynasty for about 1 and 1/2 years before that I owned a syncrowave 250. I tried to use this machine for several months when I first got it and had a lot of trouble getting the arc to start at low power levels in dc and also ac. We have had the Miller rep in our area look at this machine several times but no luck, he tried all of the common things concentrating mostly on tungston type and preflow and initial amp start settings. Last week we had a rep from the local repair service look at it and he can not find the problem. I am really ready to pull the rest of my hair out and was ready to give up on Dybasty's in general untill I discovered your forums and how good you speak of the Dynasty, does your schedule ever get you in the southern cal area? I would drive many miles to see if someone could make this machine work correctly, I have been thinking about shipping it back to Miller to see if they can get it sorted out--please Help

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    Sorry to hear of your porblems. I would be frustrated by now too!
    I'll need to know a few things.
    1- what size tungsted and type?
    2- What thickness material?
    3- What are your hidden start amps and time set for now?
    4- Air cooled or water cooled torch with circulator? Also what cup size?
    5- Tungsten sharpened to point?
    6- Serial number of unit
    7- Gas type (100% Argon, He/Ar) and flow rates?
    8- When it tries to start, is it not jumping the airgap or is it "pulsating"
    9- What is your balance and freq. settings?
    10- Does it start for you if you use the "lift arc" mode?

    Hopefully we can get this worked out for you!

    Happy holidays.



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      Andy, I was working on getting all the answers for your many questions when our service center in San Diego called back and told us that Miller had decided to replace the start board in the machine. I held my breath thru Xmas till the parts came in and they replaced it. I am thrilled to death to tell you that the problem is about 99% gone. We have no starting problem on DC at all and about 1 time in 30 on AC the HF goes across but the machine does not start but if you touch it down or try again it works right away. I sent a email to Mike Sammins about the article he wrote about advanced squarewave machines that is on the Miller web page but have not heard back yet due to the holidays. In his article he states that the Dynasty allways starts with the electrode positive to make it heat up quick and start easy. If you read the current Dynasty operators manual available online it tells you of the factory defaults (which my manual does not) but in the book it says default EP for DC and default EN for AC ( on secret start settings)but my software on my machine does not default this way. My machine is under warranty but it seems you guys have made a lot of changes since it was made--thanks for help- Russ