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I Need help finding a technical school,

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  • I Need help finding a technical school,

    Does anyone know any good technical schools for welding with a campus i can go to?

    I don't care what state it is in. Im actually looking for one out of state to get away from home from my parents for a little bit and go out and explorer and do different things while i learn a trade. There is one an hour away from where i live in another state but im looking around still! But im not sure how to look for a technical school. I go on google and look up welding technical schools and get crap thrown around at me. Im looking for a technical with a campus not a college! So that i don't have to test into the school id rather just pay and do and learn, and if needed i cn always find a tutor to help me. Because i know at a technical school you have to take curriculum courses and im fine with that.

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    It depends what process you are interested in. I chose the aerospace welding path, and have been very happy with it.

    Myself, my wife, my son, and my daughter all went the community college route and are happy we did. For reference College of the Canyons in Southern California has a top notch 2 year welding program.

    There is so much more to welding than burning rod. Bluepring reading, metalurgy, technical math, and business are a benefit as well.

    Are you getting any financial help?
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      techincal school

      try TSTC in WAco texas or in Harlingen Texas been to both looking for welders for my company I was very impressed with the quality of Education ,but it all depends on the student also.
      Hope it helps