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Need some opinions on gloves

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  • Need some opinions on gloves

    I have been using Tillman 850's which I love, but I've only had this pair for about 2 months and I blew holes in the fingertips. What would you recommend? My limit is like $20 for a pair.

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    Need some opinions on gloves

    If they still made them the white Miller gloves were awesome I thought! But the new ones are pretty good too!


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      Swear by the work gloves from the job. Might be better, but the price can't be
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        2 months on a pair of gloves!!!! Must be nice as i get 5 days esp on the left hand. The right one lasts for a few weeks. My choice of gloves $2.49 cent from my local hardware store. I can't stand a heavy pair where i can't feel my fingers or the parts i work with...Bob
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          Need some opinions on gloves

          I use tillman 750 elk skins .. But they are heavy for tig welding . When I tig I just grab a pair of leather driver gloves


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            What about the Tillman Onyx series? Are they any tougher or are they just dyed black?


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              I used a pair of black staillion tigsters they are right around 20 they dont look like they hold up but they did. I liked them but im with the other guys I use whatever I can get from work I try to get leather driving gloves they work alright
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                tillman 1350s tillman 30s tillman 24c black stallion 25k and 29k are all great tig gloves