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synchrowave 250 Hi Freq stays on all the time

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  • synchrowave 250 Hi Freq stays on all the time

    The only way to stop high frequency is to turn it off. If the S2 switch is set to continuous or start, it stays on all the time. I have checked the remote control and verified it does cause CR2 to operate, as soon as the pedal is depressed.

    CR5 never seems to operate and does not appear to have contacts welded shut. I unplugged CR5 and the high freq never comes on at all. Checked the continuity of the CR5 coil its OK, about 500 ohms.

    The arc gaps are arcing anytime the S2 switch is in continuous or start. The off position does stop the high frequency. I am leaning towards the PC board, any suggestions or comments? Thanks.

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    Believe it or not, there are many versions of this unit, sooooo, need a serial#