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Help buying my first used engine driven

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  • Help buying my first used engine driven

    Im buying my first used engine driven welder and am a little nervous so hoping the membership can provide me with some tips

    The machine is a 1999 Lincoln 300 classic. Runs on gas. 5600hr and recently serviced. Guy wants 3500$ CAN firm.

    I tested it out by burning a few rods throughout the different ranges and made some nice beads. It idles nice. Didn't think the arc struck that easy but that might just be me.

    I'm planning on buying it tomorrow but after having told the guy, I'm a little nervous. I don't feel like running a few stringers is an adequate test run. And I'm not sure what to watch out for in a bad machine.

    Apologies for coming to a blue welding forum to ask about a red welder but this is the only place I know. Any tips will be much appreciated.

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    You know it runs and welds. That's good. But, it has a lot of hours on it. Has the engine ever been overhauled? Does it leak oil?
    That's a lot of machine for the money if it has no problems.


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      He says he just spent 1200$ having it serviced and has the receipt. Don't know about oil leaking I guess I'll watch for that. I'm mainly concerned about how responsive the remote and amperage adjustments are for welding pipe. Like if I drop the dial 5 amps will the current actually drop 5 amps? Do machines ever develop 'dead spots' on the amperage dial where I may lose the abiliy to make small amperage adjustments? I've heard of machines that have been beat a little to hard and don't hold a steady arc. Is this something that would be apperant from burning a couple rods or only after it has been working for hours?


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        If its got the continental gasser, go for it, if its got the GM engine in it pass on the unit


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          Sorry Cruizer but I dont agree with you on this one.

          I recommend spending a little more money and getting a Miller Trail Blazer or the equivalant in a lincoln for about $ 4,500.00 that will have a 3 year warrante, great back up emergency power and can run a suit case feeder.

          If your going to use it on the pipe line then I might agree with Cruizer but 5300 hrs. is alot.


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            Portable, yes for sure. find a used 302, or a new 325, or Ranger 305. Wayyyy better than a used 300D. I was just saying don't get the GM gasser in the 300D. Big headache for me. let alone the # of hours on the ole gasser...


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              Thanks for the input guys bought the machine. Considered a trailblazer or ranger but wanted a pure generator welder


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                Its a generator type welder but no where near a pure dc generator welder like an SA200.