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  • Career Options?

    Hi guys im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could offer any help on the following.
    Im 25 years old having completed an NVQ level 2 in welding/fabrication and then went on buy a tig and set up a workshop in my garage so i could get in continuous practice. 12 months on and my mild steel welds are pretty good and still trying to fine tune my aluminium welding, not really got my hands on much stainless due to the
    cost but it seems ok. I also do some mig welding at work.

    Im currently work in tube manipulation but my goal is to be a coded tig welder working in the higher end of the trade, my problem lies in obtaining the necessary stepping stones along the way. I havnt worked in a welding environment as such and as a result i havnt really got the confidence to walk into a place and say 'i can do that' but am confident that given time and experience i will be.

    There are numerous workshops where im based but i want to avoid being put on a production line tacking things together for a low wage and try and find somewhere that will offer a certain degree of training with prospects ahead.
    I have also started to educate myself more on topics such as metallurgy so as to broaden my knowledge, however thus far all welding practice, studying etc... is being done in my own time and whilst already working long hours it's starting to exhaust me and i could really do with some helps from people that have been in the trade and know more than myself to work out what potential
    career path lies ahead.
    Im sorry to waffle and to anyone that has read this I am incredibly grateful and any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Thankyou again.