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My ground cable is getting very hot

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  • My ground cable is getting very hot

    I have check all the pulgs and the are good an tight I have put on a c clamp on the ground cable but its still gets hot and not welding right any Ideas ?

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    Well a little more info will be needed to help,

    What machine, what process, amps ?

    Sounds like your cable connection at your ground clamp is dirty or corroded or even too light of a clamp or cable is too small for the amps you are you using?

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      Only is going to get hot, if....

      - The cable is too small for the current applied
      - Wrong ground clamp, ie, a non brass version
      - A connection is loose, whether it be a crappy bond to the material being welded
      on or a loose cable connector


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        Almost guaranteed that it is the cable connection to the ground clamp. Replace it with the brass version and you get a much better connection with the ball screw arrangement.


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          My ground cable is getting very hot

          Yep. I agree. Run my 350-p since last fall, just put off replacing cheap OEM clamp. Grabbed it couple weeks ago was hot as fire (all bolts tight)
          Replaced it with brass one. No Heat.
          Can't believe u pay that much for a welder & it comes with that cheap clamp.


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            My ground cable is getting very hot

            Solder the cable into the clamp.
            Shipyards do it,works great.It also helps keep the water out when welding in the rain.


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              Just my experience, but I have found the ball screw to be better than solder. Soldered connection, especially if they see a lot of temp change over time become high resistance connections. I have, over a period of time, cut off all my soldered connection due to failure. IMHO not a great way to go.


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                My very first thought when I read that your CABLE gets hot is that the cable is under sized for the amps it is having to carry. If all the connections are right/tight...then my second thought is....wait for it....the cable is too small!
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                  I would think the engineers who design these welders are smart enough to include a cable capable of handling the intended current.

                  My first thought would be something either wore out or became loose. I would not guess the cable isn't big enough. If it once worked but now doesn't, something changed. Short of the cable being damaged, I wouldn't expect a cable to change.

                  I could be wrong. That's just how I troubleshoot.
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                    Feel up your cable, welding cable that is, especially close to the connector and the work clamp, You are looking for soft, limp areas. It can mean that the cable inside the insulation is breaking off likely due to many flexings in its life. Cut it off and make a new connection. Also check along the cable for any place where it may have been jammed, it can give the same result. Also most of the above and more info might be useful.


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                      Before you can feel up your cable...dinner is a must. Flowers perhaps
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                        Why not throw in a movie too? Ha,ha.