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  • Good Cad program

    I am looking for a good cad program that can help me in my layout of aluminum boats. Does anybody have suggestions on a program that is good but doesnt cost to much?

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    Google Sketchup or Draftsight. Both are free and easy to use.



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      This is for nautical-specific CAD ware.


      There are various tutorials online. There is also a Yahoo Group for users.

      A paid version of the program is called Delftship. It is similar in several ways and some of the tutorials for that program can be used for Freeship.

      There are a few others. Your best bet is to research the files or post a question on The WoodenBoat Forum:


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        Good Cad program

        Agreed on SketchUp. Totally free, and no ads during use. Good enough.


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          The words "good" cad s/w and "free" usually don't go together in my opinion.
          It may do basic things for you but I do a lot of cad drawing and when I started I quickly found out that "basic" was not good enough.
          If your doing serious cad work for production purposes (like building boats), I would invest in a quality s/w program for your purposes. I personally feel you will be much more happy in the long run. Not to mention, if your doing this as a business, it is a deduction for you.
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            Bobcad is not free but the sales folks there will cut individuals an awesome deal as they make most of their money from businesses and schools. I bought the complete package with CAD/CAM, and the ART/ V-Carve package for making rings, belt buckles and other things for $150. That's for the CAD program and everything else needed to run that drawing on my CNC Mill and Lathe. They have free training online and sometimes when they come to town nearby. We use Mastercam where I work and it's pretty complicated and expensive. HeeksCAD is free and is also supported on Linux, MAC and Windows. Do a google search for it. It's easy to find and is "open source".


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              sorry my post in wronge section