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Bought a DialArc 250 for shop, want to TIG...

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  • Bought a DialArc 250 for shop, want to TIG...

    Hey there! We just bought a DialArc for the shop with some sort of Miller cooler bolted to the side of it, with the intentions of TIG welding Stainless and Aluminum. I'm trying to get a confirmation that this is the correct machine for this use.

    In addition, the DialArc came without any leads, cords, etc. What are the items we need to complete this outfit?

    Also, can this same power sorce be used for MIG welding with additional accessories?

    I have a background using MIG, but never dealing with the actual selection/setup of the equipment, so I'm lost here...

    J. Keith Walters
    Metal Sculptor & Porsche tech

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    Dial arc

    You may need to get a high freq. box before you tig weld alum. As far as s/s and mild steel all you should need is a bottle of argon,torch,flowmeter. Miller Lit. says the dial arc 250 ac/dc has a good/fair dc tig arc [s/s mild steels];and does not give mention its ability to use the ac to tig weld alum. If it is possible I would think you would need a high freq. unit and a finger/foot control to control the heat. The person who had it before must have used it for tig welding because the cooler you spoke of would be to cool your tig torch. As far as mig welding with this unit I think your out of luck unless it has cv output which I do not think it has. Also If you intend to use the cooler you will need to get a water cooled torch. If you want to tig weld very thin items you may be limited because I think your machine lowest setting is 35amps ac or dc. I hope this helps ; let us know how you make out. Chub380


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      Good answer Chub.
      Your Dialarc may have H.F. if it was old enough. If it does, there will be a switch that says (HF off)(HF start)(HF continuous).
      Otherwise Chub is correct. You will need a HF box and foot control. The Dialarc took a special foot control as it is a MAG AMP control machine. I think the part number is 040071 RFC-23A.
      As far as the MIG goes, the Dialarc is a Constant Current machine. MIG welders are Constant Voltage units. So otherwords no MIG



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        My error - it is, indeed, a DialArc HF unit, with a Radiator-1.

        I've been advised against using a watercooled torch due to the nature of a small shop environment and the risk of rupturing the lead with engine stands, car tires, etc.

        Comments? What's the reccomended equipment list, now that I've clarified the model?
        J. Keith Walters
        Metal Sculptor & Porsche tech


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          Who told you not to use the cooler????

          I can assure you it IS the best way to go! You torches are smaller in size and will not get so hot to handle while welding for long periods.
          In all the race shops I work with, they all have watercooled torches. You run the risk of puncture no matter if it's watercooled or air cooled. Purchase a protective cover to keep your torch cables in check.

          You will need a DTP20MR MILLER torch kit. It is complete with torch, flowmeter, cables, hoses and even a ground clamp. Basically everything you need to bolt up except for the foot control (RFC-23A)