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    Hi Andy, I am going to buy anew tig welder this coming year and I have a few questions. I was pretty certain that I was going to go with the Dynasty 300DX. My first question Is there anything the 250 or 351 Syncrowaves have over the Dynasty? Next question I was trying to explain to someone what you said about the Dynasty being able to put more heat into the work; therefore comparing to a much higher amperage machine. He told me that is not true so I was hoping you could explain it to me again so I could explain it to him. Any other ideas between these three machines would be greatly appreciated to help me make my selection. Thank you for your time. Chub

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    To my understanding, the application is only in AC TIG mode. Te inverter units can change the AC waveshape (frequency to be exact). The more time the arc is traveling from the tungsten to the work (EN-'electrode neg.'), where heat is being put into the work. The other side of the wave is the EP P=pos; this is the 'cleaning' acr that travels conversely from the work 'blasting' off the oxides. This ladder arc does not heat the molten weld pool (maybe a little). So to sum it all up, by turning your new machine down to 30 percent EP it DOES put more heat into your weld then a conventional transformer-type machine, allowing the user to decrease total amperage input, costing less energy to run aswell. See how much you can learn in a few days of reaserch (I just recieved my Dynasty DX a few days ago{for your own benefit, it was purchaced from for $5065 total- tigrunner w/torch})
    Andylease correct me if any of this is wrong. thanks, Andrew