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How 'bout primary power?

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  • How 'bout primary power?

    I forgot to ask: Right now my welder is plugged into a single phase 220 circut. I have an 8 Ga 3-conductor primary line (recomended). However, I have three phase in my shop, I just don't know what, what's the best way to hook up? On the 3 phase outlets the voltages read 1-120, 2-120, 3-220, the other, of course, is a ground (nutral). So what is it? And obviously I can't 'hook' the 120's together to make a 440 total circut. (I'm really not ignorant, just don't have much experience with three-phase circuts) Thanks everybody, Andrew

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    On the 3 phase, measure from hot to hot and that will be your primary voltage. Do not reference ground. You have 4 terminals: 3 hot and one gnd. You can hook you machine to any 2 hot and gnd once you make sure the primary voltage between the hot wires are compatible to your machine. Basically you are just dropping one leg of the 3 phase.