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Bobcat 225G Plus - Won't Come Up To Weld Speed

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  • Bobcat 225G Plus - Won't Come Up To Weld Speed

    Bobcat 225G Plus - Serial # KG052667 - Onan P16 Gas Engine. I finally have the slow and fast idle set right (or close to it). Engine will not come up to weld speed when an electrical load is put on the Aux A/C receptacles or when I try to weld. It never leaves slow idle unless I turn the switch to "rabbit". Owner's manual says: "Have factory authorized service technician check the auto idle module PC1 and current transformer CT1".

    Is there a process I can follow to check PC1 and CT1 myself, without taking it to a shop?

    Any other suggested solutions to this problem?

    Thanks JA.

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    To check CT1, apply either a weld output or auxiliary AC output load on the unit and check for a low AC voltage at CT1 leads #33 and #8 (or between idler module terminal "G" and chassis ground).

    If you have voltage here, CT1 is OK and the likely fault is the idler module.
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      Thanks duaneb55 ! I will hopefully have time to run that check this week and I will let you know what I find.



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        Sorry for the delay in my update. I tested CT1 as duaneb55 sugggested and it produced low AC voltage like it should (under a load). So I ordered a new idler control module (PC1) from, finally got time to install it, and it works like a charm!

        I hope others can benefit from this post in the future.

        A big thank you goes out to duaneb55 and cruizer for all of the help ya'll have proivded in getting this older machine running and welding like new again.

        Thanks again and Happy New Year!