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  • Which Welder?

    My Brother and I are going to build a sport fishing boat out of 5086 Marine grade Aluminum. Mostly 3/16" some 1/4". I have a new single phase 200 amp service in my garage. The welder I have spec'd out for us is a Miller XMT304 DC-CC/CV 208-230 W/Auto-Link,& Miller Spoolmatic-30A, a Coolmate, Foot Control, & Torch. Total around $5000. Is this setup going to get it done? I am a good TIG, MIG, Stick welder on Steel, but have never welded Aluminum. Should I plan on Using the TIG torch for a root pass and then the MIG Spool gun to fill it up? Or will the spoolmatic work good enough for a single pass.
    Answer or comments to any part of this would be great!!!

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    Unfortunately this won't work for you
    You will need a machine with an AC output to do TIG Alum. The XMT is only a DC unit as you ponted out and can be used to TIG weld steel but not Aluminum. A better way to go and less money would be the Sync 250 Tigrunner set up and a MM250 Spoolgun package. the MM250 spoolgun package is on sale right now and the Sync 250 is a great TIG unit. You will be better off and have the ability to have two weld arcs going at the same time instead of switching your accessories from one process to the next.
    Good luck and have fun!



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      Hi Andy-
      Why is a spool gun needed with this tigrunner package? I was under the impression that aluminum welding can be performed with the tigrunner package and spool guns were only used with a MIG setup. Thanks for any clarification you can provide.
      Syncrowave 350LX
      Dynaflux water cooler
      Weldcraft WP-18 torch


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        Hi, I believe Andy said get the Syncrowave250 tigrunner; [and/or in addition to] the Millermatic251 with the spoolgun so you could tig or mig depending on the situation. Please correct me if I am wrong here. Have a good new year. Chub380


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          2 seperate machines.
          Sync 250 Tigrunner for the Alum TIG and or
          MM 251 /Spoolgun for MIG