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I was ALMOST a CK Worldwide fan

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  • I was ALMOST a CK Worldwide fan

    After watching a video on weldingtipsandtricks,com about the CK Worldwide Flex-Loc TIG torch I decided to purchase one. I found a good price at The torch came with a SuperFlex cable. Wow is it flexible! And slippery. I tried to drape it over my forearm as I do with my old cable but it just slips off. Still, it is quite light so I can deal with that. I decided that it would be great with my mini WP9 torch. So I decided to try it.

    It seems that CK uses a proprietary thread size on their torches. The torch end of the cable will not fit any of my other torches (Weldcraft and generic). I studied the CK web site and several of their documents which were available for download. NOWHERE does it indicate that a proprietary thread is used. Nor does it even show the thread size. The Flex-loc torch is certainly unique and I am sure it will come in handy for many jobs. However, I do not think I will purchase any other CK products.


    p.s. Does anyone know of an adapter to connect a CK cable to the torches made by the rest of the world?

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    Try phoning CKWW for really good customer support

    I own a ton of C-K Worldwide welding torches of various designs, including a Flex-Loc. These people fall all over themselves to help me when I have questions. On the few rare occasions they did something wrong, they were very good about fessing up to any error or mistake. Give them a call at the number on (Pacific Time) at (800)426-0877 or (253)854-5820.

    CK makes several series of torches and I interchange parts with Weldcraft 18 and 20 series all the time. CK calls them the 3 and 2 series respectively.

    You can see the Flex-Loc at for more info. CK offers so many combinations of torches, cable styles, and cable lengths that ordering a CK torch can be confusing.


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      Thanks jpcallan,

      I agree that ordering one of their torches is a bit of a challenge. There is NO search feature on their web site that I can find. had reasonably good descriptions and by switching back and forth between them, CK and google I was able to track down the torch I wanted. That said, the picture of the torch I ordered showed a bright red cable. The one I received was plain black I was looking to brighten up my welder

      As CK is on the West coast and they are probably asleep I sent an email to their help address to see if they have an adapter to connect a Weldcraft torch 3/8" -24 thread to their fine thread cable. I will allow that to process for a while and call them if I do not get an answer back. I will update this thread with what I learn.



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        Well I received an email back from CK. They use a metric thread on their torches. Why? They could not say. Bottom line they do not make an adapter from their cable to other torches. However, they do have a part FLAF which will adapt a "standard" 3/8" - 24 cable to their metric torch fitting. So I guess some day if I wear out the SuperFlex cable I can replace it with a standard "super" cable and adapt that back to the CK torch.



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          Heck I spent some pretty good coin in the last month on a couple of CK torches and couldn't be happier. (real feedback yet to come tho)
          The CK torches that I have used in the past have been nothing short of outstanding IMO.
          The generic crap simply isnt good enuff for me anymore and I am wondering why I ever went down that road. YMMV

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            WeldTec makes pretty nice torches too. The company was build by one of the founders of WeldCraft, and its parts are interchangeable with WeldCraft.


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              CK Cables

              Originally posted by taylorkh View Post
              Thanks jpcallan,

              I agree that ordering one of their torches is a bit of a challenge. There is NO search feature on their web site that I can find. had reasonably good descriptions and by switching back and forth between them, CK and google I was able to track down the torch I wanted. That said, the picture of the torch I ordered showed a bright red cable. The one I received was plain black I was looking to brighten up my welder

              I've never seen a red CK Superflex power cable, but I have received red Superflex gas or water hoses on a water cooled torch.

              I have a Weldcraft WP-9 air cooled I've had about 10 years with a cable thick like an air hose, very stiff. After using CK's SuperFlex or TriFlex cables (water cooled) or CK standard 1-piece cables, the Weldcraft rubber jacketed cable seems crude and hard to use. CK doesn't tout it much, but their standard cable (air cooled) and TriFlex (water cooled) are my favorites. SuperFlex is really limber and light, a dream to use, but the woven covering picks up dirt and crud unless you put on a cable cover, which defeats whole purpose. SuperFlex is best for a very clean work environment. If you ask CK for a short sample of power cable, I'm sure they would gladly send you 6" piece. TriFlex is limber, but has a glossy vinyl or synthetic rubber jacket and does not collect dirt.

              Put a standard 1-piece CK cable on your WP9 or better still, treat yourself to a CK150F with 1-piece standard cable with flex head, and you'll wonder how you got along with WP-9 so long. I suggest CK model CK1525HFX with 25' cable.

              Most of their torches are made to order. They've made several odd-ball things for me over the years. There not like dealing with the run-of-the-mill manufacturer, they're really bend-over-backwards helpful folks. Pretty much, if you can describe something, you can bet they'll make it for you. I've ordered non-standard cable and hose lengths, hoses longer than the cable, etc. It's rare in the day and age to find such a great supplier.


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                Thanks FusionKing,

                I agree that the CK torch seems to be top quality. I guess what aggravated this situation was the fact that I have a Miller Diversion 165. It is a great welder and has done everything I have asked of it. The only down sides I have found are the Weldcraft finger tip control torch which Miller chose (a personal preference, I added a foot pedal) and the fact that the power cable/hose is hard wired into the machine. In addition to the CK torch I purchased the necessary parts to custom mount a power block inside the machine so I could "hard wire" the CK superflex cable in place of the original cable. However, that would limit me to only using the CK torch without tearing the welder apart and reinstalling the original cable.

                Thanks again jpcallan,

                Here is the red picture Just a stock photo I guess.

                As I described above my Diversion does not lend itself to changing cables. I guess it is time to upgrade to a Dynasty 200 DX. Does anyone want to buy a 3 year old Diversion with foot pedal and cover? I have only run two 160 cf bottle of argon through it.

                Seriously, the Diversion is available for sale. I almost had a Dynasty last week - a showroom display model from a local LWS. The price was fantastic. However, when I went to the branch to buy it - it must have been on display in Afghanistan - it was dirty, scuffed, dented and had apparently been hooked up, perhaps used and was missing the various connectors and other bits which were supposed to be included. Something told me to run not walk to the door and I did!



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                  I use CK torches at work and at my home shop.
                  At this point, I wont use anything else.
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                    No problem CK CABLE TO WP 9

                    I recently bought a CK150v with the flex cable but only needed a WP 9 as it turned out. So I sold the CK TORCH and bought a WP9. Attached are pictures of the torch with flex cable plus out that has a red cable I bought at along with the dinse connectors and tig filler rods.
                    The flexibility on the cables is about the same but the black one is clearly lighter.

                    Oh Oh how do you attach pictures with the iPhone 5


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                      Did i read this thread correctly?

                      Most CK heads interchange with weldcraft?
                      Weldtec heads inter change with Weldcraft?

                      I spoke with CK today and the now make an adapter to go between the metric Flexloc head and other heads.

                      Did I read this thread correctly?


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                        I think it is only the FlexLock torch which uses a metric thread on the cable connection rather than the "standard" 3/8" x 24. CK makes an adapter from the 3/8" to the metric so the FlexLock can be attached to a common cable.

                        Here is what I know about posting a picture:


                        I am not sure what you are reading into or out of this thread. As I stated above it is the FlexLock which uses a metric connector, I think most other CK, all Weldcraft, all American Torch Tip and some various generic torches I have use an inch thread - 3/8" for WP9 and WP17 family torches.

                        If CK has an adapter from the metric CABLE to an inch pattern torch I am definitely interested.



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                          I would like to ultimately have a ball joint head and a flex loc head fit the same handle.

                          I think it can be done if the weld tec ball joint is generic.

                          I didnt talk to the Weldtec guy long enough but there is something funny about their "roto head" that is not compatable with with the other weld tec handles.


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                            dynasty 200dx and inverter

                            Dynasty powered by an10kw sinewave inverter 12v-240v sources from 2(8D)batteries.....??
                            What you think?ha