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Millematic 180 autoset on 110v

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  • Millematic 180 autoset on 110v

    I just moved to Japan and brought my welder with me. I found out that 230v are non-existent in my place (as well as most housing in Japan). So question, can my Miller be run on a 110v? I can't seem to find anything definite on the web on how I could do it.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Pretty sure you would need the mm211 with the mvp plug system. Your 180 is a 220 machine only.


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      Just remember, it's 220, 50 cycle there


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        Originally posted by wkdivr View Post
        Just remember, it's 220, 50 cycle there
        The frequency of electric current is 50 Hertz in Eastern Japan (including Tokyo, Yokohama, Tohoku, Hokkaido) and 60 Hertz in Western Japan (including Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Shikoku, Kyushu), however this frequency difference affects only sensitive equipment.

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          Thank you for the comments. I guess I need to study up on some other way to get the power to my welder.


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            Except if your running 50HZ on a 60HZ machine, you'll bake it.